al guraliuk: producer, musician entertainment consultant 

"As a performer and an entertainment consultant, I have an understanding of the needs of both the client and the talent. This experience enables me to ensure both parties are happy..... a guaranteed recipe for success" - Al Guraliuk

Since receiving a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of British Columbia in 1979, Al Guraliuk has been actively involved in Vancouver's musical community.

He has traveled to New York, New Orleans, Havana and Rio to further study music. For over 30 years Al was leader of Champagne, one of Vancouver's top corporate party bands. ( He is known to remark: "Then Lady Gaga tunes started making me gag!")

Currently this professional musician  is a featured trumpet player with Latin Lounge,    The Gastown Strutters Dixieland Band and The Al Guraliuk Jazz Quartet, in addition to being involved with numerous other projects. As a jazz musician, Al strives to attain a balance between emotion and technique and, above all, a sound that really swings.

He has been a featured jazz soloist at concerts held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and The Arts Club Theatre.

With a natural flair for showmanship and a commercial approach to music, Al is an ideal dance band leader. His dance band has performed at numerous events including The Vancouver Police Ball and the Grant Thornton International Gala which also included David Foster and Bryan Adams.

The combination of Al's musical credentials  and extensive business experience provides him with the rare trait of being both creative and organized. Al is President of Total Entertainment Network which has set new standards in the entertainment industry providing exemplary service and talent since 1986.

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trumpet bio

Music moves me. I spend most every minute toward the goal of being a better musician with hopes I can move other people... or at least entertain them!

After over 40 years of playing the trumpet I think the key is to find continued joy in music. I have sustained my love for music by pursuing the endless quest of learning and growing as a musician. I make of point of professional development and have attended numerous workshops and master classes in addition to musical retreats at Jazz Port Townsend and a Brass Residency at The Banff Centre. I have also attended two International Trumpet Guild Conferences ( New York/ Banff), two Jazz Educators Network Conferences ( New Orleans/San Diego). I have  always enjoy the camaraderie amongst trumpet players and found these educational experiences very inspiring.


I have played “ The Girl From Ipanema” in Rio de Janeiro, “Carnival Venice” in Venice, “Cubano Chant” in Havana and “Bourbon Street Parade” in New Orleans. I once sat in at a Trad Jazz club in Vienna that was located in the basement of an old church that had been converted into a retirement home for members of the Communist Party. I played “Royal Garden Blues” and other Dixie tunes with a bunch of German speaking musicians ... and drank a lot of beer. After practicing in the basement for 2 hours a day for 40 years I find great joy in knowing I can go any where in the world and “sit in”!

 1979 Bachelor of Music - University of British Columbia

Private lessons with:
Jens Lindemann | Greg Spense |Laurie Frink | Alain Trudel | Donny Clark | Bobby Shew | Gary Guthman | Martin Berinbaum |   Kenneth Hopkins

Attended master classes / workshops with the following artists:
Terrance Blanchard | Wayne Bergeron |Pete Christlieb |John Clayton |  Jon Faddis | Gordon Goodwin |  Mark Gould|   Jeff Hamilton | Dan Haerle  | David Hickman| Roger Ingram | Chris Jaudes | Clay Jenkins| Sean Jones   | Larry Knopp  |  Ian McDougall | Malcolm McNab | Tom "Bones" Malone | Chris Martin | Adam Rapa | Jim Ross | Terrell Stafford |Lew Soloff | Marvin Stamm | Thomas Stevens  | Byron Stripling | James Thompson |Allen Vizzutti | Mike Vax | | Bill Watrous |  Kenny Werner | Walter White | Phil Woods


trumpet stuff & gear

Hi! Thanks for checkin’ out my web site. These pages are intended for trumpet nerds only but everyone is welcome to browse. …although, unless you are REALLY interested in what type of trumpet mouthpiece I play you may want to hit the “ back” key. If you ARE interested in trumpet stuff then I am pleased I could share this information with you.

trumpet links

The web is a great source of information. Check out these links:

I have always been a great fan of Bobby Shew for his exceptional jazz AND lead playing. He is a dedicated clinician who has helped me become a better trumpet player. Bobby’s web site is

I believe in resting as much as you play while practicing. I spend every morning warming up and reading while I rest. It is the best trumpet information web site I have come across.

Other links:

I play a Yamaha YTR-8310Z Trumpet and a Yamaha YFH-8310ZG Flugelhorn. The Z Trumpet  was born of Yamaha' s long and close partnership with the legendary trumpeter Bobby Shew. Bobby is an incredibly versatile player, and to meet all his playing requirements he wanted to create one super efficient instrument which could scream out a powerful lead, or play soft, mellow ballads. I love this horn. 

The trumpet  is a medium .445 bore with a 5" bell that blows will a big sound but still plays cozy when you want it to. No other horn is SO versatile! The Shew horn is played by many major jazz artists, lead trumpet players, solo artists and even  Symphony players like Frits Damrow (Royal Concergebow Orchestra in Amsterdam).


The Flugel combines the tonal richness and depth of character of the older traditional flugels with the easy playability and superb intonation made possible by high-tech engineering. Also inspired by Bobby Shew, the Z Flugel features the perfect amount of air resistance to let you color the sound-your sound-exactly the way you want to.  When I first played this horn it was a surprise! It played beautifully!

I find myself in numerous different types of playing situations from Saturday Night Salsa gigs to Sunday Morning church services…from rehearsal big bands with screaming lead trumpet parts to intimate jazz gigs at a gala dinner....and from harbour boat cruises with a Dixieland band  to casino dates with a pumpin' top 40 dance band….The Shew horns are perfect for every gig!


I curently play GR mouthpieces but in my quest to find the perfect equipement I once made  a road trip to the the Monette factory with my girlfriend to explore mouthpieces. We spent a day hangin’ with Dave Monette and his staff. I was a little like Goldilocks...This one is too bright...this one is too dark. We spent the day eating pizza and talking trumpet.  

Close to the end of this road trip I asked my girlfriend to pass me a straw at the 7-11. She turned all red in the face and flipped out shouting “what size straw would you like…. the .007 or the .008 ‘cuz there is a 1000th of a ml difference between the two plus they are available silver, gold, brushed gold, and silver with gold accents!” Words of advice…if you are taking your sweetie on a trumpet road trip make sure you take her out for dinner in appreciation for her support! 

my gear


Yamaha YTR-8310Z Trumpet



Yamaha YFH-8310ZG Flugelhorn.


Schilke P5-4: Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

 Gary Radke  Mouthpieces: GR 66 SZ (lead),  GR 66 C* (Jazz) GR 66 M ( Classical)
 GR FL 66 Mouthpiece
 GR 65 PM Picccolo Mouthpiece 

Besson Sovereign, Model Cornet
Yamaha Eb/D Trumpet,
YTR 66105
Bach Strad C Trumpet, 
Model 229 CL
Benge Bb Pocket Trumpet

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Tonight Show Legend, and inspiration to all trumpet players, Doc Serverinsen & I hanging out!