what's new? it’s the twenties again!

The year 2020 is the centennial celebration of the start of the Roaring Twenties and the perfect theme for your corporate event! Great Gatsby Galas and Prohibition Parties are great opportunities for fun interactive entertainment. Consider the following featured performers for your event:

the coverartists

The CoverArtists take the songs you love and put a 1920s treatment on them that takes you back to the Prohibition Era. Inspired by Post Modern Jukebox, the band’s stylish repertoire includes music from Jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, timeless Pop hits of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, Rock songs legends Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to current dance club bangers from Rhianna and Bruno Mars.


the gatsby strutters jazz band

The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band is a jumpin’ ensemble that plays music from the golden days  from 1920 to 1940….the Great Gatsby Era. The 1920s were a time of unprecedented change when skirts went up, drinks went underground, and the music got hot...and hot The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band is, providing background music evoking the thrilling decade of speak-easies and roadhouses, formal dances in the Hamptons and flappers in Tin Lizzies.


1920 interactive characters

Capture the energy of the Twenties with roving interactive comedic characters who will transform your venue into a speakeasy, where the mob ruled, and nightclubs were ready for an FBI raid at any moment! Your guests will be greeted by “the club’s” hostess and told the rules of the speakeasy. No fighting, no heaters, no hooch from outside, and if the coppers pay a visit, drinks go UNDER THE TABLE!


vintage hollywood screen tests

Cecil B. DeMille, legendary silver screen director, is set up and ready to meet the “new talent” at your event – and he’s waiting with the delightful studio actress Vivian Leigh! As guests approach, they’ll get to choose a mini-script from the movie they like best and then add a few things to their wardrobe so they look perfect for the part. If they don’t want a script, that’s great! Mr. De Mille will just throw them a couple of lines.


Barnstormer,           Roaring 20s Band

Imaginative. Explosive. Charming. A 5 piece band with instrumentation rarely heard together. The Barnstormer experience includes Banjo, Kazoo, guitars, upright bass, a traditional trap drum kit, clarinet and belt-it-out vocals. You will witness playful interplay between songbird Melanie Dekker and her band of first class musicians dressed as famous 1920s characters such as Einstein & Al Capone.


Speakeasy Sweeties,         Vocal Trio

Grab your giggle water and immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties. The Speakeasy Sweeties and their whangdoodle music put the Great in any Gatsby themed party. So snag the closest Oliver Twist and make your party the bee's knees!he Speakeasy Sweeties  perform with piano player/singer Bill Costin and feature banter throughout the whole show in New York flapper accents. Dance the Charleston. Interact with the guests and basically have a whoopee good time!